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Donate Now: Donating $10 can help some of the most vulnerable disadvantaged, disabled and distressed in our region!
Crossroads Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Hungary, which has global needs. We believe that in a broken world that sees too much suffering, we have to do everything we can to connect those who need it with those who can help. So, as a meeting point, we are literally a crossroads where the need and the willingness to meet are met.
Our Foundation was created to support, assist and improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged social groups "disadvantaged and sick children, single-parent mothers, large families, underage people and the elder".
The Foundation's operating license was granted on 10 November 2018. In recent years, more and more people have been got in a financial situation that needs support!
We feel our duty to help them. More and more families are forced to move out of their home due to the difficult economic situation and rising bill fees that they cannot afford or pay or because of health issues.
We would like to see as many economic actors as possible (social enterprises, sole proprietors and individuals as supporters of us who, like ours, bear the fate of their hard-working fellow human beings and help us achieve our goals.
We are looking for companies who value this social responsibility and want to join !!
Even the smallest offer is important to us, it can save lifes!
Please do not forget to help us. If you can, support our mission!
Furthermore, we welcome all those volunteers who join in with this noble initiative.

Please add your name and e-mail address in comment section for money transfers so that we can send you a thank you letter.