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Hello. I am W. Beatrix and would like to ask for help.
On February 4, 2009, my feet were amputated, so I am disabled. I am a happy person and I think positively into my future. I try to see the good side of everything, and often I give spiritual support to my “healthy” friends. I know that God has plans with me and He will give me the opportunity to help those who are in worst conditions than myself.
Unfortunately, I am living in a sublease and I have little money for living. My disability pension is 270 $, from which 140 $ is deducted because I became the victim of my good faith, and now I am paying others depths. The remaining 130 $ goes to the sublease.
I get Disabled Support which is 80 $. From this, I pay 35 $ for my Internet Service Provider because this is the only way I can keep in touch with the outside world. I pay a care fee of 20 $ and all that is left is 25 $, which is not enough for the living. From my medicines, I can only buy a few and almost nothing is left for food. My medicine is 30 $ a month. Unfortunately, I am not eligible for public health care. I am not asking for the starry sky. If you could help me to buy my drugs and pay my sublease, more would be left for food. Of course, I accept any donation that could improve my living conditions.
I would be very grateful if you could support me 70 $ a month.

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