With our patronage program, we want to support multi-disadvantaged and disabled people, living in deep poverty giving them a chance to catch up with a more humane living environment.

Donate Now: Donating $10 can help some of the most vulnerable disadvantaged, disabled and distressed in our region!

1. Finding Helpers:

This can be done through schools, family support centres, foundations, various legally operating aid organizations, and civic organizations.

2. Qualification review:

In our patronage program, the recording is done by the Board of Trustees after the appropriate environment study. In all cases, it is subject to a specific agreement and a written contract, indicating the type, amount, content and duration of the assistance.

3. Use of Offerings:

With patronage through our program, we want to support disadvantaged or disabled people living in deep poverty, schools, kindergartens and specialized institutions dealing with disabled children. Acquisition of medical centres, medical clinics.
Patrons can help:
With a cash donation.
Supporting events, charity events.
Object and instrument donations: clothing, technical equipment, game, textbook.
With sanitary and sanitary products.
In special cases: with building material for real estate renovation.
Camping, accommodation.

4. In case of donations of Anonymous Patrons:

Please send us an email to with the following information: Your name, Transaction ID, the name of the patronized person or institution. This is required to identify the transaction and we can send you a thank you letter containing also a proof of the use of the donation.

Automatic contribution: the Foundation will withhold 15% of the donation sent to cover costs. (In this case, the Foundation sends an account of the use of the donation.)

In our program, only the name and the user name of the patronized person’s will be shown because of the privacy rights.
The Crossroads Foundation can receive 30 patronized applications per year.